The Polish deal is in the bag thanks to my translation Genius

Okay that’s a stupid headline for a blog post but I’m really excited today because there were no causes in the contract I sent to the Polish company that they questioned. The contract has been signed, sealed and delivered and we are now working with that company across the ocean.

That’s really great news and it’s great to tie up a good first contract in my new job, my boss has also written to me to express his pleasure at how quickly and thoroughly I got it sewn up. So I’m really pleased about that.

I haven’t told him about the Polish translation service I’m using. The key to this deal was using a dedicated Polish translation service, an online translating service where you upload the text and then a professional translates it for you and delivers it to you via email, it was been really easy to use, quite cheap and is delivered results.

I think I’m going to use an online translation service for any foreign deal now, and I might even ask for more foreign deals because now sealed one they may see me as the sort of person who conceal those deals more easily for some reason.

Of course my secret was to use an online Polish translator, but they don’t know that, they just think I seal the deal may don’t really care. Which means I could find a little niche in my company and it’s all thanks to using the translation service.

So I’m absolutely chuffed and it means that I am up and running with my new job. The next step is to start saving money so that I can afford a mortgage in the next few months.

In other news I’m doing really well with my diet and exercise plan. I set one up and I’m doing exercise twice a week and my diet has changed completely. Yes there are going to be ups and downs, but generally it’s been going well over the past week. I’m really proud of myself because I’m juggling work, changing my diet and exercise routine and making myself more upbeat more generally all at the same time.

Time to get physical about my body

One thing that has been worrying me recently has been my physical condition. Because I’m now starting a new job which is demanding and time-consuming and means a lot of sitting around, I’m worried that I will start to put on weight. As I’m thinking about having a child next few years, if I’m not in good condition now it means that that will spiral downwards even more when I have a child.

So I think the time has come for me to start changing my outlook on physical health. I think I also need to start retraining myself with my diet as well. I think that by doing that I will be able to make sure that I set myself up the long term. I think it should be obvious to anyone reading my blog by now that I am heavily interested in my future and being a mother, but that has to be with the right person, in the right place and it has to mean that my job has created a situation I can achieve this in.

I’m going to join the gym and I’m going to start looking at healthy options in terms of eating. I’m not going to do a calorie controlled diet but I am going to be a lot more aware of what I’m eating from day to day, because sometimes I do eat complete rubbish and it’s starting to worry me.

In other news, the Polish deal is nearing conclusion and I’m very proud with it. I have created a draft contract in English, the Polish translation service I’ve been using have translated into Polish and it has been sent off as a PDF attachment with a Polish translator cover email asking for them to consider it at their leisure.

That’s really good, and as long as there are only a couple of minor points to be discussed then I should have the deal in the bag pretty soon. I’m not actually going to tell anybody else in my office about the fact of use to Polish translator, because I want to get ahead of the game and it’s a very competitive results driven business in my company. So I’m going to keep this is my little secret weapon, because I know other people that are trying to do foreign deals really struggle because of the language barrier and the distance, whereas I think I’ve found a little strategy by getting things translated online that no be else has considered.

A Polish negotiation job update and concerns about motherhood

So I’m feeling a bit down today. I think it’s because it’s raining outside, when it’s raining I always feel a bit bittersweet. It’s lovely to watch the rain but it is quite melancholy.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about motherhood today. I do want to have a child at some stage, but I don’t even have a boyfriend, let alone a steady partner who wants to share a life with me. So I’m getting a bit concerned about that, I know I’m only 26 but time will run away with me quickly and before I know it I will be my mid-30s and I don’t want to be panicking and heading into a relationship that is not right for me.

On top of that I’m renting an apartment at the moment, so I have no solid base to do that sort of thing anyway, I’m not investing in my future. So there are two things I need to be looking at, getting a place of my own and getting a boyfriend that suits me for the long term. Neither of those are easy, but when I’m sitting here feeling blue about it, I realise that I have to actually start doing something about it because otherwise time will drift away.

I’m trying to cheer myself up by focusing on this Polish deal. Negotiations are going well, and using a Polish translation service is really helping.

I don’t think I would have been out to get this far without a proper Polish translator. We can convert in English, but it’s just not enough, and the other options out there who either not adequate enough or too expensive. So it’s a bit of a brainwave of mind to get text translated into Polish, and vice versa, and I’m proud I thought of it.

But things are going well with the negotiations. I reckon a few more translated emails and I will be out to go for a final stage, where we will talk about the agreement we will put in place. Then I can get on the contract translated into Polish and get it signed sealed and delivered, I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks if there are no snags.

I had my mobile phone stolen today and I’m in shock

Today has not been a good day and not the start I wanted to my new negotiation job career.

I’ve spent the morning sorting out the first Polish translation I want to send. I’ve written an email outlining the negotiations are want to base things on and had sent it off to the Polish translator to be translated into Polish, so I can then email it to the company I’m talking to.

So things were going really well and I was really happy with the fact that it seems quite easy to use the Polish translation service to make sure these negotiations and go smoothly, and as I was in the city I went out for lunch with a friend. That’s where the good day finished.

We were sitting at a small roadside cafe down a little side street. It’s a sun trap down there and very quiet with very little traffic, it’s nice. But we were sitting there minding our own business when a guy with a hooded top walked past very slowly, he suddenly reached over and grabbed my mobile phone that was lying on the table and was running down the street. Before we could even really shout that much he was round the corner and gone.

He had obviously planned it and had probably spotted the phone a few minutes before, because the way he grabbed the phone and was often out of sight quickly shows it was not a random thing. The cafe owners denied it had happened before, but I have a suspicion that it may well done, the more I look at it, the more I realise how easy it would be to carry out a snatch job on a mobile phone or a handbag or a laptop case in that area.

We called the police but there was no evidence nobody really seen anything so there was very little they could do other than blog it is a crime. I phoned my mobile phone company and they got the phone blocked and I have insurance with them so they will be another one on the way, so in practical terms it’s not a problem, especially as I have all my stuff backed up.

But it did shake me up quite a bit and I was quite upset about it. For it to happen in broad daylight and after good morning getting this Polish translation things sorted out, I was fed up and I went home feeling very down. I drank a couple of bottles of wine a really got miserable. It created the anxiety that I’m really trying to get rid of.

I’m very nervous about this Polish contract negotiation

In my new job I am negotiating new deals for my company. New contracts and linkups that will benefit us for years. I think in my mind I’ve really seen it mostly is a domestic thing, or an English language thing, but one of the first contracts I have got to negotiate is with a Polish company.

This has thrown up a bit of a problem for me, because I’m not sure how to progress this. We can do whatever is necessary, but we do have a budget and I’m not sure I can hire a proper Polish translator to help me out with this because of the cost.

Just doing in English isn’t possible, the Polish company even from the initial phone call and email I’ve had with them are only proficient in basic English, and trying to do detailed business negotiations and signing contracts with them would be impossible. I need to have some sort of Polish to English, and English to Polish translation option. Google translate is not a viable option, it’s just rubbish.

The only other idea I have come up with is to use an online Polish translation service. I’ve googled some sites and found a few, one’s like, which offer a service where you upload your document and they translate it to or from the chosen language. What I’m thinking is that I can do the communication by email, and then get it all uploaded and translated professionally for quite a low cost.

The problem is this will slow it down considerably. But on the positive side, I will get an exact translation of what is being said to me, and I will be able to send something to them in Polish which will be translated exactly as I need it to be done, not something which is confusing to them.

Anyway, that’s the basic idea, and if I seal this Polish deal then that will be a great start for me and mean a big bonus in my first year, something I desperately need because I really want to move house and start progress in my life. I’ve only said about how worried about having kids, but if I don’t get some money and a house under my belt then I’m never going to get there at all.

A little bit about me and my reasons for blogging

I have decided to start this personal blog for two main reasons.

Firstly, I want to document my journey in my new job. I am a negotiator for a company where I basically am tasked with finding, or being given new leads to follow in order to form new contracts that will help us to grow our services.

It’s going to be a tough call for me, I’ve never done anything like it, but for some reason they felt I had all the attributes to do it, and bizarrely it looks like one of the first deals got to do is with a Polish company, which means I’m going to have to look at how I’m going to negotiate in a foreign language.

So I want to document that and keep myself driven and focused perhaps by thinking about things as I go and documenting my progress by getting it out in writing on my blog.

Secondly, I do struggle personally at times. I do have a concern about the fact that I’m not in a relationship at 26, and I do want children, I know I got 10 years before it starts, problem, but if this job really takes off, the years could slip by and I don’t want to suddenly be panicking in my mid-30s.

I also suffer from anxiety and stress more than I should and I’m hoping that by thinking about what I’m going to write in this blog and then typing it out, that it gets things out of my brain and allows me to form clarified thinking on how big the problem I am facing the time really is. I’m hoping that seeing it in front of me in black-and-white will help me to keep a sense of proportion on it.

So that’s the main reasons for starting my blog and I’m hoping that it will be something I can do every few days to really help myself to make progress in my job my personal life. On top of that I do like to chat and although I do have a lot of friends, they do all seem to be in relationships which means that my chances to talk are a bit limited.