The Polish deal is in the bag thanks to my translation Genius

Okay that’s a stupid headline for a blog post but I’m really excited today because there were no causes in the contract I sent to the Polish company that they questioned. The contract has been signed, sealed and delivered and we are now working with that company across the ocean.

That’s really great news and it’s great to tie up a good first contract in my new job, my boss has also written to me to express his pleasure at how quickly and thoroughly I got it sewn up. So I’m really pleased about that.

I haven’t told him about the Polish translation service I’m using. The key to this deal was using a dedicated Polish translation service, an online translating service where you upload the text and then a professional translates it for you and delivers it to you via email, it was been really easy to use, quite cheap and is delivered results.

I think I’m going to use an online translation service for any foreign deal now, and I might even ask for more foreign deals because now sealed one they may see me as the sort of person who conceal those deals more easily for some reason.

Of course my secret was to use an online Polish translator, but they don’t know that, they just think I seal the deal may don’t really care. Which means I could find a little niche in my company and it’s all thanks to using the translation service.

So I’m absolutely chuffed and it means that I am up and running with my new job. The next step is to start saving money so that I can afford a mortgage in the next few months.

In other news I’m doing really well with my diet and exercise plan. I set one up and I’m doing exercise twice a week and my diet has changed completely. Yes there are going to be ups and downs, but generally it’s been going well over the past week. I’m really proud of myself because I’m juggling work, changing my diet and exercise routine and making myself more upbeat more generally all at the same time.

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