Time to get physical about my body

One thing that has been worrying me recently has been my physical condition. Because I’m now starting a new job which is demanding and time-consuming and means a lot of sitting around, I’m worried that I will start to put on weight. As I’m thinking about having a child next few years, if I’m not in good condition now it means that that will spiral downwards even more when I have a child.

So I think the time has come for me to start changing my outlook on physical health. I think I also need to start retraining myself with my diet as well. I think that by doing that I will be able to make sure that I set myself up the long term. I think it should be obvious to anyone reading my blog by now that I am heavily interested in my future and being a mother, but that has to be with the right person, in the right place and it has to mean that my job has created a situation I can achieve this in.

I’m going to join the gym and I’m going to start looking at healthy options in terms of eating. I’m not going to do a calorie controlled diet but I am going to be a lot more aware of what I’m eating from day to day, because sometimes I do eat complete rubbish and it’s starting to worry me.

In other news, the Polish deal is nearing conclusion and I’m very proud with it. I have created a draft contract in English, the Polish translation service I’ve been using have translated into Polish and it has been sent off as a PDF attachment with a Polish translator cover email asking for them to consider it at their leisure.

That’s really good, and as long as there are only a couple of minor points to be discussed then I should have the deal in the bag pretty soon. I’m not actually going to tell anybody else in my office about the fact of use to Polish translator, because I want to get ahead of the game and it’s a very competitive results driven business in my company. So I’m going to keep this is my little secret weapon, because I know other people that are trying to do foreign deals really struggle because of the language barrier and the distance, whereas I think I’ve found a little strategy by getting things translated online that no be else has considered.

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