A Polish negotiation job update and concerns about motherhood

So I’m feeling a bit down today. I think it’s because it’s raining outside, when it’s raining I always feel a bit bittersweet. It’s lovely to watch the rain but it is quite melancholy.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about motherhood today. I do want to have a child at some stage, but I don’t even have a boyfriend, let alone a steady partner who wants to share a life with me. So I’m getting a bit concerned about that, I know I’m only 26 but time will run away with me quickly and before I know it I will be my mid-30s and I don’t want to be panicking and heading into a relationship that is not right for me.

On top of that I’m renting an apartment at the moment, so I have no solid base to do that sort of thing anyway, I’m not investing in my future. So there are two things I need to be looking at, getting a place of my own and getting a boyfriend that suits me for the long term. Neither of those are easy, but when I’m sitting here feeling blue about it, I realise that I have to actually start doing something about it because otherwise time will drift away.

I’m trying to cheer myself up by focusing on this Polish deal. Negotiations are going well, and using a Polish translation service is really helping.

I don’t think I would have been out to get this far without a proper Polish translator. We can convert in English, but it’s just not enough, and the other options out there who either not adequate enough or too expensive. So it’s a bit of a brainwave of mind to get text translated into Polish, and vice versa, and I’m proud I thought of it.

But things are going well with the negotiations. I reckon a few more translated emails and I will be out to go for a final stage, where we will talk about the agreement we will put in place. Then I can get on the contract translated into Polish and get it signed sealed and delivered, I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks if there are no snags.

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