I had my mobile phone stolen today and I’m in shock

Today has not been a good day and not the start I wanted to my new negotiation job career.

I’ve spent the morning sorting out the first Polish translation I want to send. I’ve written an email outlining the negotiations are want to base things on and had sent it off to the Polish translator to be translated into Polish, so I can then email it to the company I’m talking to.

So things were going really well and I was really happy with the fact that it seems quite easy to use the Polish translation service to make sure these negotiations and go smoothly, and as I was in the city I went out for lunch with a friend. That’s where the good day finished.

We were sitting at a small roadside cafe down a little side street. It’s a sun trap down there and very quiet with very little traffic, it’s nice. But we were sitting there minding our own business when a guy with a hooded top walked past very slowly, he suddenly reached over and grabbed my mobile phone that was lying on the table and was running down the street. Before we could even really shout that much he was round the corner and gone.

He had obviously planned it and had probably spotted the phone a few minutes before, because the way he grabbed the phone and was often out of sight quickly shows it was not a random thing. The cafe owners denied it had happened before, but I have a suspicion that it may well done, the more I look at it, the more I realise how easy it would be to carry out a snatch job on a mobile phone or a handbag or a laptop case in that area.

We called the police but there was no evidence nobody really seen anything so there was very little they could do other than blog it is a crime. I phoned my mobile phone company and they got the phone blocked and I have insurance with them so they will be another one on the way, so in practical terms it’s not a problem, especially as I have all my stuff backed up.

But it did shake me up quite a bit and I was quite upset about it. For it to happen in broad daylight and after good morning getting this Polish translation things sorted out, I was fed up and I went home feeling very down. I drank a couple of bottles of wine a really got miserable. It created the anxiety that I’m really trying to get rid of.

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