I’m very nervous about this Polish contract negotiation

In my new job I am negotiating new deals for my company. New contracts and linkups that will benefit us for years. I think in my mind I’ve really seen it mostly is a domestic thing, or an English language thing, but one of the first contracts I have got to negotiate is with a Polish company.

This has thrown up a bit of a problem for me, because I’m not sure how to progress this. We can do whatever is necessary, but we do have a budget and I’m not sure I can hire a proper Polish translator to help me out with this because of the cost.

Just doing in English isn’t possible, the Polish company even from the initial phone call and email I’ve had with them are only proficient in basic English, and trying to do detailed business negotiations and signing contracts with them would be impossible. I need to have some sort of Polish to English, and English to Polish translation option. Google translate is not a viable option, it’s just rubbish.

The only other idea I have come up with is to use an online Polish translation service. I’ve googled some sites and found a few, one’s like translateshark.com, which offer a service where you upload your document and they translate it to or from the chosen language. What I’m thinking is that I can do the communication by email, and then get it all uploaded and translated professionally for quite a low cost.

The problem is this will slow it down considerably. But on the positive side, I will get an exact translation of what is being said to me, and I will be able to send something to them in Polish which will be translated exactly as I need it to be done, not something which is confusing to them.

Anyway, that’s the basic idea, and if I seal this Polish deal then that will be a great start for me and mean a big bonus in my first year, something I desperately need because I really want to move house and start progress in my life. I’ve only said about how worried about having kids, but if I don’t get some money and a house under my belt then I’m never going to get there at all.